A vision starts with a dream and so, in the glimpse of a brave moment Lullaby Avenue became reality.


Lullaby Avenue is a Swiss brand, founded in the year 2020 by Julia Spezzacatena. The brand is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Ever since she became a mother, she had a passion for baby fashion and a dream. Her dream was to establish her own brand and share her passion for sustainable baby clothes as well as organic and healthy styles for the ones we love the most, our little ones with everyone in the world - and if she could give something back to mother nature and the planet she was living in with an ethical clean and sustainable way of doing what she was dreaming of, then she would win! So being able to create, design and realise a dream the most ethical, healthy and true way possible, was the most important factor for her. Lullaby Avenue stands for ...

It represents the joy of live and beauty of everything this planet has to offer. Our vision is to be able to sell and share Lullaby Avenue all over the world and inspire mothers all over the globe to pursue a sustainable and healthy style ethic from day one for their little ones. My dream is that one day, Lullaby Avenue will be able to share those values with the whole world and make sustainable, organic and ethical produced baby fashion available to everyone - and loved by all.